Veneer Solutions LLC warrantees bathtubs and wall tile reglazed by us in owner occupied housing for a period five(5) years OR two(2) service calls (which ever comes first), against defects in material or workmanship providing the customer has maintained the surface as recommended. Care & Maintenance instructions are printed on every invoice. Exclusions apply as listed below.

Bathtubs and wall tile re-glazed by us for commercial, rental or contractor accounts are warranted for a period of one(1) year or one(1) service call (which ever comes first). Exclusions apply as listed below.

NOT COVERED: Rust, corrosion, spot repairs, scratches, nicks, chips, caulking and all other surfaces are not warranted.
This warranty is not transferable.

If Veneer Solutions is called for warranty service, and there is any evidence of damage due to neglect or misuse of the new finish, the warranty will be voided.

Care & Maintenance:
You can use several approved household products to clean your reglazed tub/tile. We recommend Dawn dish liquid, Regular Formula 409 or Soft Scrub without bleach. Use only a normal sponge to clean with and wipe down the tub/tile after every use.

Use of rubber/vinyl bath mats(with or without suction cups) is not permitted on a reglazed surface. The suction cups will raise and remove the glazing and the mat itself will trap water underneath it. The surface can be damaged.

Chemicals such as bleach, drain cleaner, dyes, or childrens soaps with dyes should not be used. They can also damage the glazed surface.
NJ License #: 13VH05954600
Fully Insured
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